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Interior Paint Colour Trends 2020

So, you want to know the interior paint colour trends of 2020 according to interior designers across the globe. If you want to update your home using the latest trends in interior colour design then read on.

Dark Doors

interior paint colour trends 2020

Doors are typically painted in a light colour such as white or brown but you could use this feature as a way to be bold and stand out by painting your doors in a dark colour. However, before doing this you need to take a step back and consider the whole space. You don’t want the dark doors to clash with the other colours in your room. Choosing to paint your doors black is a great way to elevate any space and make it look fancier. People expect to see white or light-coloured doors so when they walk into your house and see your black doors, it adds instant drama.

Black and White

Classic black and white will never go out of style. When black and white are paired together it creates a feeling of tension, drama and power yet at the same time a feeling of harmony. If used correctly, painting with the classic black and white combination can create stunning and dramatic decor that exudes elegance, regardless of the size of the room. Black and white is a great colour combination to paint a room for any decorating style, whether it’s contemporary or traditional.

Non-white Ceilings

This next one requires some boldness. Painting your ceiling in a colour other than white or another neutral colour can bring intimacy and drama to a space. This is especially effective if you have a high ceiling and you want to create the illusion of bringing the ceiling down to create a cosier place. If you go for a black ceiling you can also hide the unsightly mess of any wiring or pipes which is what a lot of commercial establishments do.

Paint With Pink

Make your room pretty with pink. Pink is inviting, joyful and simple to decorate with but you need to be careful of the shade of pink you choose for your room. You want a shade of pink that gives warmth and depth but is easy to pair with the other colours in the space. You can paint with sophisticated hues of pink and pair it with classic furniture to make an impact in a contemporary setting.

Painting The Doors The Same Colour As The Walls

Painting the doors of a room the same colour as the walls can make them blend in and almost disappear. This is very useful if you have a particularly small or narrow room, a room with lots of doors and a room with a low ceiling. Blending the doors in with the walls helps to make a small room feel more spacious because it eliminates the white trim and door that would otherwise stop your eye as you look around the room. A narrow hallway with lots of doors will feel bigger if the doors are painted the same colour as the walls because they will not pop out at you as you scan the room. A room with a low ceiling will feel taller if the doors and skirting boards are painted the same colour as the walls.

All White Colour Scheme

An all white colour scheme is one of the top trends of 2020. Painting a room white creates the illusion of a room being brighter, lighter and larger. However, white is not an emotional colour so you will need to incorporate textures and tones to bring warmth and character to your room. You can use shades of white, ranging from cool to warm, to create a gentler look and feel.

So, those are some of the interior paint colour trends of 2020 that you can choose to adopt. However, choosing the colours of your interior space is a very personal thing so you should always opt for a colour scheme that makes you feel happy. Painter And Decorator Ipswich can offer expert interior colour advice for your property to give you the finish you’ve always dreamed of.