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Quality Painting And Decorating At Affordable Prices

Painter And Decorator Ipswich provides you with the expert solutions you need to paint and decorate the exterior of your property. We ensure the correct equipment and products are used to enable the job to be finished to a safe and high standard. You can rely on us to provide excellent exterior painting and decorating in Ipswich.

Our highly qualified painters and decorators are able to advise you on the type of paint that will suit your project and will be durable so that your fresh exterior paint job will stand the test of time. We have experience of painting many types of surfaces including rendering, wooden fascias, cladding wooden doors and windows and more. Contact us today and tell us your requirements.

Protect Your Investment

Decorating the exterior of your property will definitely make it look great but it will also help to protect your property. A professional exterior decoration job provided by Painter And Decorator Ipswich will act as the first line of defence against the weather. Any job completed by us will keep your property protected for several years.

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Exterior Painting Service For All Types Of Surfaces

Exterior painting and decorating is the perfect, cost-effective solution to a tired and dated exterior. Fresh paint will restore your property to its former attractiveness without incurring a large expense. Whether you are preparing to sell your property, or just want to update the aesthetics of it, Painter And Decorator Ipswich will deliver the service you require.

Here are some of the exterior painting services we provide:

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A Service Tailored To Your Style

Deciding on the colour of the exterior of your property is a very challenging part of the exterior painting and decorating process. That’s why we are more than happy to advise you which colours will work best for your particular property. Our experts have painted thousands of properties so they are well qualified to guide you on selecting a colour scheme.

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Here at Painter And Decorator Ipswich, we believe that the only way to achieve a good quality finish is to ensure attention is paid to the planning and preparation stage of every job. The lifetime of the exterior finish can be greatly increased if the paint is applied to a clean, dry and stable foundation. Our Painters And Decorators ensure every job begins on a stable base that’s free from holes, cracks and impurities. This means you can be sure your new exterior paint and decoration will stand the test of time. Our painters and decorators will address the following:

Remove all existing cracked, bubbled, peeling paint

Replace or repair rotten woodwork

Fill all cracks and holes in brickwork and masonry

Clean all surfaces before painting

Replace damaged seals around window frames

Replace damaged window putty


The best time to paint the exterior of your property is when the weather conditions are dry and mild. Very hot or windy days should be avoided when trying to paint the exterior of your property. It is best to wait for the exterior to dry after rainfall so you should aim to wait at least two days after the rain before painting. 


  • The work will be carried out around your schedule
  •  We will advise on how much paint will be required
  • Supply all required materials and equipment
  • Arrange scaffolding if required
  • Prepare all surfaces in the manner described above
  • Apply multiple top coats for a durable finish
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Tell us what you need and we will arrange a visit and quote